Question After placement of an order, how quickly can we get delivery?
Answer Our lead time is in the range of two days to two weeks. If the lumber is to be shipped rough and is in packaged inventory, we can deliver within two days. If lumber is to be surfaced or if we must wait for lumber to come from the kiln, your order will be put into our scheduled shipments. We will inform you at order placement when we can deliver. We have a 95% + reliability in meeting set delivery dates.
Question Can you meet specified delivery dates?
Answer Yes, provided the lumber is in our inventory. If not, we will advise you when we can deliver.
Question Do you have your own delivery trucks?
Answer We have one tandem flatbed truck to make short haul deliveries within West Virginia. For longer distances and all out-of-state shipments, we use either Burns Motor Freight, a proven dependable and competitive lumber hauler, or other contract carriers. As an alternative, you may pick up your order with your own truck or make your own carrier arrangements.
Question How much lumber is shipped on a trailerload; in a container; or in a boxcar?
Answer Weight is the limitation. We can load approximately 47,000# on a trailer; 42,000# in a container and 128,000# in a boxcar. Some species weigh more than others. Using NET rough kiln dried footage, Red Oak will weigh 3,750# /M’, Poplar 2,720# /M’ and other hardwoods about 3,500# /M’.
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