Question How can we be assured we get the quality of grade and correct footage count that we order?
Answer We have four inspectors who cumulatively have 55 years experience grading hardwood lumber. They are certified by the National Hardwood Lumber Association under the NHLA Certification Program. Each board is individually graded and measured by lumber rule or laser measuring device and then recorded for both footage and grade.
Question Is lumber graded and tallied before or after kiln drying for invoicing the customer?
Answer It is graded and tallied after kiln drying.
Question Do you quote NET or GROSS pricing per MBF?
Answer GROSS pricing is quoted. However we are prepared to quote as requested by the customer.
Question Is delivery included in your price?
Answer Generally, Yes. However on long freight hauls, it is shown as a separate item.
Question What method do you use to invoice your lumber to customer?
Answer We invoice using NET tallied FOOTAGE multiplied by GROSS pricing. Then, to the total sum of all line item extensions, we add 7% as a separate line to compensate for kiln shrinkage. The reason for using this method is to allow the customer to see factually (a) the actual NET FOOTAGE he receives, and (b) the actual PERCENTAGE being added for kiln shrinkage. However, at the request of the customer, we will change each line item price to a NET price for the extension of line items and thereby eliminate the kiln shrinkage add-on shown separately. The total invoice amounts will be identical using either method.
Question What are your payment terms?
Answer We offer a 1% cash discount for prompt payment within 15 days after date of arrival of shipment to customer. If a customer elects not to discount, the NET invoice amount is due 30 days after arrival. A 14% APY interest charge is added to past due accounts.
Question Do you offer Wholesale Brokers a discount?
Answer No. They must include their profit margin in their selling price.
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