Question Do you offer Custom Kiln Drying?
Answer No. Our customers’ requirements for kiln dried lumber utilize our entire kiln capacity and production.
Question If lumber is surfaced, what type of surface should I expect?
Answer Surfacing is performed on a Newman S-382 double roughing planer. It will bring lumber to a uniform working thickness, within reasonable tolerances. Its carbide knives do not create a mirrored surface as may be produced by a cabinet planer having carbon steel knives. The surface is not scalloped as there are 6-8 knife marks per inch that produces a reasonably smooth surface to one’s touch. Within the required cutting area, both sides will be surfaced clean at standard surfaced thicknesses.
Question What are the standard surfaced thicknesses for various thicknesses of rough lumber?
Answer For 4/4 - - 13/16";    5/4 - - 1-1/16";    6/4 - - 1-5/16";    8/4 - - 1-3/4.
Question Can you S1S?
Answer Yes, if required for a specific application. However to prevent uneven stress in kiln dried lumber, it is better to achieve the desired thickness by surfacing some wood from both sides of the board.
Question What footage loss should one expect due to straight line ripping one edge?
Answer It depends upon the species, the length, and the thickness of the board. Some species (and all juvenile wood) tend to be less stable and develop more side bend. The longer lengths tend to have more susceptibility to side bend and require more edging to straighten. A 2" thick board will lose twice the footage when ripping compared to a 1" board. Having mentioned all these factors, our studies indicate one should expect a 6% to 10% footage loss due to straight line ripping.
Question Can you center Re-Saw?
Answer Yes. We can also re-saw on a bevel.
Question What degree of bevel Re-Sawing can you provide?
Answer Our Baker Resaw will allow us to tilt the arbor to achieve a maximum 25 degree bevel.
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