Question What lengths can I expect in Cherry, Poplar, or Oak?
Answer Often we can ship the length preferred by you. If not, we will endeavor to ship a range of lengths satisfactory to meet your requirements. An average run of logs will produce the following percentage of lengths:
6-8' 9-10' 11-12' 13-16'
40 25-30 20-30 0-5
15-20 15-20 30-40 25-40
25-30 15-30 25-40 15-30
Question How much over length can I expect on your boards?
Answer 1/2" to 2"
Question What is the Sap color of your Maple?
Answer Appalachian Maple has a “creamy” white color - - not a “snow white” color that is found in the very northeastern states. Immediate processing of fresh sawn Maple, special kiln sticks, and a modified kiln schedule help provide our customers with the whitest Appalachian Maples possible.
Question Do you ship Maple on a #1 & 2 White Basis?
Answer Very seldom. Our FAS stock will contain 85% or more Sap One Face. It is not cost effective for our customers to pay the premium associated with the #1 & 2 White specification.
Question Is your Cherry steamed?
Answer No. Conversations with others in the trade report no appreciable advantage to doing so.
Question How much Sap is in your Cherry?
Answer Cherry in our growing area has a small sap ring which is mostly lost in the debarking and slabbing process of the log’s manufacture into lumber. We do not make a heartwood sort. Therefore we ship the full range of color produced by the log for a particular grade. Our Cherry has excellent acceptance in the moulding and cabinet industry. In 4/4 thickness, our Cherry will typically run 85% or better red one face without doing a color sort. If you require all heartwood, either you will develop sapwood waste with our Cherry, or you may expect to pay extremely high premiums to a supplier who is willing to sort out stock containing only heartwood for you.
Question How much gum is in your Cherry lumber?
Answer Because most of our Cherry comes from the higher elevations of West Virginia, the Cherry is relatively free of gum. However, each of our mills has a log procurement area of up to 100 miles. Different areas have varying degrees of gum.
Question Is your Walnut steamed?
Answer No. However sapwood is not a big factor, particularly in the lower grades closer to center of the log. Actually, the unsteamed heartwood is a richer color than when steamed. Many of our customers, reluctant at first to using unsteamed walnut, now want only our unsteamed stock. Also, some customers desire the variation of heartwood and sapwood.
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