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Frank E. Wilson Lumber Company is situated in the higher altitude mountainous region of West Virginia where nature presents the ideal combination of altitude and moisture to produce the world's finest hardwoods. A snapshot of our company profile is:

Species Available:
Primary Red Oak, Poplar, Hard Maple and Soft Maple
Secondary Cherry, Basswood, White Oak, Ash and Walnut
Imports by
Special Order
South American Mahogany, African Mahogany and Ipe
Thickness: 4/4 in all species; 5/4, 6/4 and 8/4 in selected species.
  Grades: 65% FAS/1F/Sel; 30% #1 Com; 5% #2A Com
Services Available:

Kiln Drying

Seven (7), Irvington Moore Package Type, Dry Kilns - 250MBF capacity drying to 6-8% Moisture Content; Stress Relieved.


Surfacing Newman S-382 Double Roughing Planer Surfacing to customer's desired thickness.

Straight Line
Mereen Johnson Rip Saw - Ripping one edge, both edges and nominal widths.

Re-Sawing Baker Re-Saw - Center, Offset and Beveled Re-sawing capabilities.


As customer may require - for grade, length and width.

  Packaging Banded 42" wide package for trailer load shipment or as required by other modes of transportation.


Performed by NHLA Certified inspectors in strict accordance with the National Hardwood Lumber Association Grading Rules and shipped under NHLA Sales Code. Grade determined after Kiln Drying. We even grade after surfacing.


Individual bunk tallies available. Net footage tallied with Kiln Shrinkage of 7% added to gross invoice dollar amount. Gross tallied if requested by customer.
Shipment By:

Truck, Rail or Container - as desired by customer.
Port of convenience - Baltimore, MD.
Other Ports - Norfolk, VA and Charleston, SC.


Mixed species and/or thicknesses on same shipment.
Pre-packaged Mini Packs for Yard Trade.
Other items as shown on Stock List.
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