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Yes, we use Appalachian Hardwoods.
No, we do not use Appalachian Hardwoods.
If you answered yes, please complete the balance of this questionnaire and check all that apply.
We use the following SPECIES of Appalachian Hardwoods:
Ash Birch Hard Maple White Oak
Basswood Cherry Soft Maple Poplar
Beech Hickory Red Oak Walnut
We purchase the following TYPE(s):
Green Lumber Rough Lumber
Air Dried Lumber Surfaced Lumber
Kiln Dried Lumber Other:
Straight Line/Dimension Ripped
We purchase the following GRADE(s):
FAS-1 Face/Sel #1 Common
#1 Com & Better Other:
We purchase the following THICKNESS(es):
3/4 5/4 8/4 12/4
4/4 6/4 10/4 16/4
We purchase the following LENGTH(s):
Random 4' 8' 11' 14'
    6' 9' 12' 15'
    7' 10' 13' 16'
Do you have your own kilns?
If yes, what capacity?
Our biggest usages are: (include thickness/grade, species, & usage per month)
Type and Size of orders purchased at a time:
Single Items 1M' or less
Mixed Items up to 5M'
Other 6M' - 12M'
Type of shipment(s) preferred:
Trailer Loads Rail Cars
Containers Other
Approx. footage of Appalachian Hardwoods used per year:
Additional Comments or Questions:
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