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Commercial Lumber Supplier

Home of the Best Hardwoods in the World

Frank E. Wilson Lumber Company, Inc. is a full-service commercial lumber dealer located in Elkins, West Virginia – the heart of the Appalachians. Nestled in West Virginia’s magnificent hardwood belt on the edge of the beautiful Monongahela National Forest, our region’s optimal altitude and moisture is famous for producing some of the finest hardwoods in the world.

Our Hardwoods

Stock & Specialty Lumber

We offer a selection of stock Appalachian hardwoods, such as Cherry, Walnut, Red Oak, Hard Maple, Basswood, White Oak, Poplar, and Ash. In addition, various specialty hardwoods are available by special order. These imported exotics include species such as African Mahogany, South American Mahogany, and Ipe.
Lumber Pallets

Precisely Dried

Key to the quality of our hardwoods is the quality of our kiln drying process. Before loading our dry kilns, we take extraordinary care in piling and alignment. Then, we control and monitor all aspects of the drying process to ensure the dried stock meets your specifications.


Choose rough-sawn or ready-surfaced lumber to meet your needs. We can surface two sides of the lumber to the thickness you want. Surfacing before shipment is a great way to save money by reducing freight costs and waste. This also means greater efficiency – you get stock ready for cutting upon arrival.

Graded for Quality

The lumber we provide is graded to the high specifications and standards for reliability established by National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA). NHLA certified inspectors grade our hardwoods in strict accordance with NHLA grading rules. Grade is determined after kiln drying and surfacing to ensure that you receive the best possible quality for your application. In addition, our lumber is shipped under the industry standards established by the NHLA Sales Code.

Our Services

At Frank E. Wilson Lumber Company, Inc., not only do we provide quality hardwood lumber, but we also provide exceptional customer service. Our customers appreciate it – and we’ve been working with some for more than five decades.

Kiln Drying


Straight Line Ripping






Worldwide Shipping

Tallied to Meet Your Requirements

Individual bulk tallies are available. We tally net footage with kiln shrinkage of 7% added to gross invoice dollar amount. We can also provide a gross tally at your request.

Flexible Shipping

We offer a variety of truck, rail, and container shipping options for customers in our local West Virginia area and beyond. We are a reliable worldwide exporter of fine Appalachian hardwoods.

Exceptional Customer Service

We are dedicated to providing services designed to best meet your unique needs. We offer unparalleled customer care, as well as special orders and services (available by request and availability).

Six Generations of Quality

Superior Appalachian Hardwoods & Exceptional Service

Established by the Wilson family in 1960, Frank E. Wilson Lumber Company, Inc. has proudly remained a locally owned and operated business. For six generations, our family business has been passed down with care. We strive to ensure our customers enjoy the level of service they deserve.

Today, we remain dedicated to providing our customers superior Appalachian hardwoods and the finest exotic woods in the world. We take great pride in the quality of our wood products and the business relationships we have formed over the years. Since we first opened our doors, we have grown to establish our family company as a global leader in the wood products industry. Today, as always, the Wilson family remains committed to providing hardwood lumber and services of exceptional quality, back by unparalleled customer service.

The More Things Change . . .

The More They Stay the Same

Many things have changed around Wilson Lumber over the six generations we’ve been in business – faster shipping, continuously improving quality, a broader range of lumber, and more. But one thing never changes: we do what it takes to please our customers.

For years, we’ve used this advertising line:

“You expect more from Frank E. Wilson Lumber Company. And you get it.”

It’s still true.

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Home of the Best Hardwoods in the World

Putting the Customer First

Strong, Lasting Relationships – Good, Old-fashioned Value

“My hardest sale has always been the first one – Once a customer tries our lumber, I never have trouble making the second sale.”

– Jim Wilson

“My father, Jim Wilson, has said that quite a few times over the years. And, I suspect my grandfather Frank and his father said it, as well.

Today, as we have for six generations, we put the customer first. At Frank E. Wilson Lumber Company, we believe in building strong, long-lasting relationships. You can always depend on us for good, old-fashioned value. And you can look to us for new ways to deliver even greater value.”

– John Wilson
Owner, Frank E. Wilson Lumber Company, Inc.
Elkins, WV