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Frank E. Wilson Lumber Company, Inc.

Hardwood Lumber Yard, Mill & Shipping

Frank E. Wilson Lumber Company, Inc. is a full-service commercial lumber supplier. We offer nationwide lumber shipping and international lumber export of a variety of quality Appalachian hardwood lumber species. We typically offer various grades cut from 4/4 through 8/4 thickness to meet customer demand. If you are interested in ordering our lumber, please call us or view our stock list below to discover what lumber is currently available for purchase.

4700'4/4 CHERRY#2 Common
4000'5/4 CHERRYSelects/Better
2500'8/4 CHERRY#1 Common
7500'5/4 HARD MAPLE#1 Common
1 TL4/4 HARD MAPLE#1 Com, Sap/Btr, Heavy 12' and longer
1 TL4/4 SOFT MAPLE#1 Com, Brown, All 14-16'
2 TL4/4 SOFT MAPLE#2 Com, Sap/Btr
10000'4/4 SOFT MAPLE#2 Com, Brown
4600'5/4 SOFT MAPLE#1 Com, Brown
14000'5/4 POPLAR#1 Common
12000'6/4 POPLARFAS/1Face
10000'8/4 POPLARFAS/1Face

Surfacing, Straight Line Ripping, and Re-Sawing Available

Hardwood Lumber Distributor

The Finest Quality Appalachian Hardwoods

Custom Milled & Finished to Your Specifications

When you want the best hardwood beams, timbers, boards, and lumber for your decking, flooring, walls, trim, cabinetmaking, furniture manufacturing business, commercial homebuilding, or construction project, contact Frank E. Wilson Lumber Company. We have what you need at the price you want! As a full-service lumber purveyor, lumber mill, and lumber yard, we source, cut, mill, process, package, and ship our own lumber. This enables us to provide the highest quality Appalachian hardwood lumber, finished to your specifications, at a competitive price point.

Lumber Options

Both green and kiln-dried hardwood lumber of various types are available. Most often, these include species such as Walnut, Cherry, Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, Basswood, Poplar, and Ash. We also import and offer exotic hardwoods for specialty applications, such as Mahogany, classic Ipe decking, and other attractive, unique woods.

About Kiln Dried Hardwood Lumber

Superior Appalachian Hardwoods & Exceptional Service

Kiln-dried American hardwoods are known around the world for their quality, durability, and beauty. With optimal moisture content from core to shell and consistent quality, well-made final products constructed from quality kiln-dried lumber may experience fewer cracks, shrinkage, and other undesirable effects often found when green or air-dried lumber is used. At Frank E. Wilson Lumber Company, Inc. in Elkins, West Virginia, we take pride in offering some of the finest hardwood lumber in the world – grown, processed, milled, and shipped with care from the Appalachian Mountain region of the United States to virtually all domestic and international locations.

Order Wholesale Kiln Dried Hardwood Lumber

Whether your interest in our hardwood lumber is for commercial building construction, interior mouldings and trim, wood furniture manufacturing, or another application, our domestic kiln-dried lumber is an ideal choice. If you are interested in ordering our kiln-dried lumber, you may contact our sales staff directly.


Kiln-dried Appalachian Hardwood Lumber

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